N/B – NOT FOR PEOPLE UNDER THE AGE OF 16.Translation at bottom of the blog. February trickled slowly and as if someone had asked, “Kwani unanyesha?” the rains came and came. Even the proverbial clouds could not hide the pregnancy: the rains fell heavily leaving Talai Centre in a big mess. The porridge that is […]


Cultural Evolution

Argument 1 Isn’t it amazing how man continously adopts new languages and assumes the new identity totally while losing touch with the previous one? The truth of the matter is we as human beings are unique, dynamic creatures. We are born tabula vasa (blank slate, if I remember my Latin, irony intended) and slowly absorb […]

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Cultural Advancement

For so long, we have been led to believe that development is taking in something superior. This is especially so in culture. Cultural development equates to imperialism really. The truth? Imperialism goes against everything culture stands for. You see culture is art. Imperialism is therefore plagiarism or worse, it is the very destruction of what […]

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