Stuck Together

One must have a mind of glue To explore the many surfaces Untouched and unsmothered with affection. Binding the distant memories With the sudden broken reality That life is a tragedy And atonement a sacrifice wasted.To adhere to the rules Adhesive To stick to each other Cohesive But move like a well-oiled machine Impressive.Every single […]

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The Theory of Randomicity

Happy bloggerversary to me as we celebrate three years behind the keyboard. The human brain is very powerful, so powerful infact that the full potential of what it can do and cannot do has not been realized.Many theories arise over what we are capable of. Some say that the brain is much like a computer: […]

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The Political Dilemma

I came in in a party, And much like Napoleon Bonaparte I was a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing Cheap clothing To clothe the fact That I was not your ordinary citizen. I took power by being in the party With the most support That way power came to me And I didn’t do a […]

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Why You Should Stop Apologizing?

I’m sorry I couldn’t come up with a more appealing topic, lol. Wait, I’m sorry I’m not sorry? Wait, copyright-much? Oh shoot, I’m sorry. Am I though? Hold that thought. Isn’t that annoying. Who would ever have imagined that sorry would come to be one of the greatest cliches in the history of mankind. And […]

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Tears of the sand are hard to wipe, Green cannot with many trials swipe, You see these tears take forever to form, But drop instantly and begin to foam, They are burdened by feels, They eleven without system or skills. Tears of the sand boil over our heads, Our eyes ramble sadness and sheds, Sometimes […]


Cultural Evolution

Argument 1 Isn’t it amazing how man continously adopts new languages and assumes the new identity totally while losing touch with the previous one? The truth of the matter is we as human beings are unique, dynamic creatures. We are born tabula vasa (blank slate, if I remember my Latin, irony intended) and slowly absorb […]

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