Insomnia wakes me up From the last shreds of sleep I am soon up but not about I am sailing on the shores undeep when a sudden rush breaks the hush. Some heavy footsteps on the door A rat or a roach? I don’t know. I assume it and roll back to doze off When […]

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The SYSTEM is BROKEN, and it’s because some fools broke the stem instead of getting the very roots. When I say that the system is broken, I mean it. You would know if you saw me. Believe my meanface, I mean it. Which system am I referring to? I am talking of the Kenyan government. […]

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ThE uNbRoKeN cOdE oF tWo HeArTs

Two hearts Unbroken Beat together. One changes The once familiar Rhythm Pulsating To a foreign Undetermined Chorus. The cords Intertwined before Entertained by another Beating Unsteadily Colliding Unceremoniously, The dance has changed. These new parts Hit the softest parts Shattered Exposed Weak puny weak: The broken code of two hearts.

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Dreams Come True

Dreams…. Dreams- visions, foreshadows or projections from our daily activities. Whichever the case dreams are what tie us to our subconscious. We spend a third of our lives sleeping. We use a great deal of energy in doing such a peaceful action. We grow both physically and mentally, and it is no doubt some of […]

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A Stitch In Time….

Everyone has found themselves with so much time on their plate apart from those working in essential services. The Coronavirus pandemic has left a great deal of people working from home. Others have been laid off. Others are students sent home by the government. At this time, people are at home, bored as hell such […]

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Fellow Kenyans, I welcome you to this festive occasion with much nostalgia, how far we’ve come, so much so we no longer start off functions by quoting orders of hierarchy. It is such little progress that shows the improvements we have undertaken in our laws, where you and I can be seen in the same […]