Word economy continues to plague poetry writing. People have a hard time knowing when to shorten their sentences and when to lengthen them. It is also common to find people using filler language in poetry. Moreover, finding the most meaningful vocabulary to the poem becomes a problem. When writing poetry, avoid ambiguity. If you have […]


The Political Dilemma

I came in in a party, And much like Napoleon Bonaparte I was a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing Cheap clothing To clothe the fact That I was not your ordinary citizen. I took power by being in the party With the most support That way power came to me And I didn’t do a […]

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Why You Should Stop Apologizing?

I’m sorry I couldn’t come up with a more appealing topic, lol. Wait, I’m sorry I’m not sorry? Wait, copyright-much? Oh shoot, I’m sorry. Am I though? Hold that thought. Isn’t that annoying. Who would ever have imagined that sorry would come to be one of the greatest cliches in the history of mankind. And […]

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The Tale of The Splithair Girl

This is a true story.There’s this girl, for the sake of the story let’s call her Splithair girl, I bumped into recently. Well, to say bump is quite the exaggeration. I caught a glimpse of her backside as she was headed to the market. I had seen a side of her face before she passed […]

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Fellow Kenyans, I welcome you to this festive occasion with much nostalgia, how far we’ve come, so much so we no longer start off functions by quoting orders of hierarchy. It is such little progress that shows the improvements we have undertaken in our laws, where you and I can be seen in the same […]


Kenya- The Impending Armageddon

Locusts….Coronavirus….Floods and bursting lakes…. Kenya is waking up to a daily dosage of crisis. This usually have after-effects that are continuously threatening the country’s economic progress. The locust invasion that begun at the start of 2020 has already kicked Kenya to its knees. The swarms have grown in numbers than was predicted. They have laid […]

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Leaders With A Difference

Moi University is soon going to have elections, possibly in February. It has become a culture for aspiring leaders to hold mega-campaigns. Some aspirants have already begun emerging. The problem is that people never see a difference in those who pass to become leaders yet this is “the university with a difference.” That has caused […]

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