N/B – NOT FOR PEOPLE UNDER THE AGE OF 16.Translation at bottom of the blog. February trickled slowly and as if someone had asked, “Kwani unanyesha?” the rains came and came. Even the proverbial clouds could not hide the pregnancy: the rains fell heavily leaving Talai Centre in a big mess. The porridge that is […]



Translations at the bottom of the post…. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more content. The second month of the year is almost getting knocked out but not more than the gents are knocking down their counterparts. And that is just part of the story that everyone is interested in this month. The obsession […]

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Of late, arsony has become the trend in our country of Kenya. It is not something new, but the rate at which schools, churches and other institutions are being burnt is alarming. Since the new year dawned and schools reopened, there have been atleast three schools a week being razed down. The key reason being […]


The Theory of Randomicity

Happy bloggerversary to me as we celebrate three years behind the keyboard. The human brain is very powerful, so powerful infact that the full potential of what it can do and cannot do has not been realized.Many theories arise over what we are capable of. Some say that the brain is much like a computer: […]

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Cultural Evolution

Argument 1 Isn’t it amazing how man continously adopts new languages and assumes the new identity totally while losing touch with the previous one? The truth of the matter is we as human beings are unique, dynamic creatures. We are born tabula vasa (blank slate, if I remember my Latin, irony intended) and slowly absorb […]

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This is part of a book I am working on, I have decided to give a teaser to the book as it is a matter of contention currently. GBV has been used as a short form for gender-based violence. Enjoy. CHAPTER SEVEN GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE More women than men are abused- fact. They are abused for […]


Dreams Come True

Dreams…. Dreams- visions, foreshadows or projections from our daily activities. Whichever the case dreams are what tie us to our subconscious. We spend a third of our lives sleeping. We use a great deal of energy in doing such a peaceful action. We grow both physically and mentally, and it is no doubt some of […]

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A Stitch In Time….

Everyone has found themselves with so much time on their plate apart from those working in essential services. The Coronavirus pandemic has left a great deal of people working from home. Others have been laid off. Others are students sent home by the government. At this time, people are at home, bored as hell such […]

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