The Incident

The sick thud of human skull
And the now freshly exposed flesh
brings the village to life
Lividly raging incessantly,
Baying for blood because of the deed.

A woman heavy was strolling slowly
When a man mad as can be
Took two from where there was three
A woman, her hurt child and gone baby.

The monstrosity that came rolling down the hills
Packed with fortyfold fiery heads
Forever screaming for getting a free lift
Madness seemingly swaying the machine.

Before the woman yells in pain,
the vehicle has vanished
As if propelled by pain itself.

A bloodied day that will not go
down in silence
Rather as a media circus.
As if time had stopped in time
to end lives deserving to be fully lived.

By : Henry Mworia (Veteran)

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