The Fire Was My Prize

LOOKING OUT |Photo Courtesy of Instagram

To be or not to be,
The question lingers
like a long line of
a fisherman’s uncaughtmenace!
And as I lay back
On the uncomfortable chair
I am caughtsleeping on the job.
That last warning that
seemed so long ago
Must be laughing hardat me. My work
proves dramatic in
every sense of way. I
do not feel the tension.Maybe because of pension.
Maybe because of the being
hanging over me like
an omen, but still omenscan be warnings of forever
without ever happening.
Another warning strikes
and I get back to hardwork. Smiling back
I type anxiously
knocking sleep from my weary
unsatisfied body. Now I’mhalfway there. I rest easy
As the end of day cracks.
Home is where the heart sleeps.
Email of discontinuity wakesa resting body.
I am awarded with a wordy
tale of how unsatisfactory I did.
Getting fired was my prize!By Veteran Henry Mworia

LOOKING IN | Photo Courtesy of Instagram

2 thoughts on “The Fire Was My Prize

  1. The poem is about unemployment. The poet slices each verse before completion in imitation of how the work is discontinued. It is also evident that by separating the lines, an effect of repetition is achieved. For instance hard from the third and fifth line. Important to note that the repetition is not to create rhyme, but bring irony in the sense that what once was is not later on. For instance, hard is used to describe the laugh but later on the work. Satisfaction is used previously to mean hunger, later it is used to mean sleep and further on the level of work done. Reading the poem and looking at the images goes hand in hand because the poet intends one to see how people perceive work during and after employment.


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