Are you a feminist and if so, which type? Before you answer that, let me take you through what feminism is and isn’t.
The most common notion about feminism is the support of the female species in a world that always seems to revolve around men. Women run the world, you know? NOT! Feminism has nothing to do with making statements to show care. Sorry to say but women are not terminally ill patients or pregnant cows. “Support” is a sugar-coating of saying women are weak, like when you say this house won’t hold, it needs support. Women need to be treated with care and support, but so do men.
Feminism is a cry for equality in treatment of women. For instance when it comes to leadership positions or job opportunities, women deserve to be treated in the same limelight as men. The fact that they are side-lined stroke ignored where there are men involved is despicable. Women bear as much rights as men. Thus feminism is the strong echoing of this sentiment.
Now, people have up with many notions about feminism which are bordering myths and misconceptions.
There are many people out there who are ready to categorize themselves as feminists. Example, till recently I always claimed to be a feminist. When put on the limelight, I seriously doubt I could say why I was a feminist. I realized then that I had been lying to myself. This actually happens to more people than you would think. What is the reason for this? Simple. Social acceptability. It is a survival trait so as to say. We tend to pick attributes that will make us seem appealing to our guests or fellow strangers. Sometimes we beg familiarity in other people who we might want to please. At other times, it is just to seem cool. There is a misconception here. Being a feminist does not qualify you as being cool. Being cool probably bears no relation with the intellectual sector. Moreover, socially being fair to women is not cool rather it is a necessity. On top of that, you have to realize that social acceptability changes with the crowd: women might be pleased with a feminist in one setting yet ne agitated by the same in another.
Another myth is that men who support feminism are all gay. There exist some decent straight men who echo the sentiment of feminism. In fact it should not come as a shocker to you that gay men would be more chauvinistic than straight men. Sexual preferences are not connected with feminism in any way.
Feminism comes in many ways. Examples include radical feminists and creative author feminists. The types of feminists would actually be a long list. Radical feminists are on the extreme end while the creative author feminists are most likely on the other end. In between you have the mild feminists who are those people who seem to support feminism though low key. Creative author feminist are those intellectual feminists who have dared write it in their novels, books and newspaper so as to amass public attention. Radical feminists are on the verge of violence and clamouring for support in extreme ways. So the notion that all feminists are evil is a total misconception.
So the question remains, are you a feminist?

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