The Tale of The Splithair Girl

This is a true story.There’s this girl, for the sake of the story let’s call her Splithair girl, I bumped into recently. Well, to say bump is quite the exaggeration. I caught a glimpse of her backside as she was headed to the market. I had seen a side of her face before she passed infront of me but I am not sure if it was her because there was sunlight gleaming right in my eye. I have to assume my eyes were not playing tricks on me.Why the Splithair Girl? You see fate has always played a fast slight of hand when it involves her. She is as elusive as heat in the polar regions. I have tried endless times to see her. Whenever I do, its a split second vision and before you know it she’s gone. Okay, maybe splithair is not the exact word I would go with. However it feels like it is the best phrase to describe what goes on between me and her. She appears to be always at arm’s reach, within splithairs or to better describe the word to be the distance between split ends. So let me stop being so literal and just tell the tale.Destiny is at play and we are on two separate sides of the coin. At first, I was skeptical about it so I passed it off as a flimsy coincidence.I met this girl in church. Back then we were barely friends. We knew each other. That was the sole relationship. I always so her as being okay. A soft 4/10. Contributing to the fact was she was almost always shaved plus in her early teen years, she had the stature of a tomboy. It was apparent that if anything we would ever be friends from church.Come the final year of high school, she threw off some shades and out came Cinderella with the glass slippers. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the rapid transformation. All of a sudden I had the hots for this new gorgeous lady who was nothing like her former self. I even attended her send off to the university.Then the phenomenon begun. It was like nothing I had imagined would ever happen suddenly did. From out of the blues, destiny had it for me. Whenever I was down from the university, they would resume their study. Whenever they came back, I would be reporting for school. Furthermore, we seemed to never attend the same mass. I was a fourth mass kinda guy whereas she attended second service. When she really delayed and I woke up really early, we still would not see each other. Once I even woke up early and attended the third mass; I did not see her until I was up on the top floor of the church that I stole a glance of her exiting.The closest I’ve been to her ever since was once when she found me and my mom going to mass while she was going somewhere. She greeted us and I recall the awkward confusion between going in for a hug or handshake. As far as I can recall, I think we hugged. Since then, luck has not been my closest pal. I have even used the route to her home countless times hoping to bump into her or see her near her home. I know her home. So I am secretly stalking her, eyeing down her compound, searching mightily to no avail.A Facebook search of her name turned no positive fruits. And yes, I keyed in possible factors such as her university and places of residence.I scoffed at the phenomenon. But then again, having come home due to the Coronavirus pandemic, I was expecting I would see her, right? Wrong! Still could not locate her the whole period.The latest I’ve seen of her other than the maybe-vision of her hair and backside today was last week. It was purely coincidental. She was seated near a gas pump cladding an apron, likely to suggest she is working for the petrol station. I had my mask on thus she could not have know it was me. I, on the other hand, got a full view of her. My only regret was the circumstances.The jinx may not be real but one thing is for sure, our paths will cross once more. Only time will tell.

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