-the love letter-

Hey dear,

I noticed that you don’t have a shadow. Because you don’t have a dark side, lol. I love you and all your brightness- you are basically the smartest person I have ever met. You may not be light-skinned but you sure light up the room whenever you come by. You have this magical way of seeing the light side of things. And though we contrast in some things, I am proud to say we see in the same light. No, you don’t have a shadow because I am so jealous of anyone or anything that stalks you that is not me.

I crazy, freaking love you.

Did I ever tell you that my favorite weather is a storm? Weird, I think not. I love to see the chaos ensue. Clouds shuffle and lightning strikes, trees shudder and wind runs wild. Every time I look at the storm, I am reminded of you. Of all women I have met, none is unpredictable like you. I can never tell when you are angry and when you are happy. Things can change suddenly. At certain instances, it makes me happy to see you boiling over; you have the ability to get angry in such a cute way; the blush in your cheeks when you get mad is surprisingly beautiful; when you are angry, it is art you are creating. Your strikes on my skin like lightning warm me up. Running wild shakes you up but it really turns me on.

I freaking, crazy love you.

One more thing, what I like about you (like the song) is you are your own woman. Someone says you look like a flagpost and you reply that you are proud to be loyal to your country. Another questions your skin tone and you tell that person that you were able to score more pickups than her. The flare in your independence is inspiring, the flair in your intelligence cracks me up. I always love me up a clever girl. And a wildcard as you are, you are the single best unpredictable person I could ever have. Every day with you is an adventure.

I crazy, freaking love you. Like the crazy person I am.

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