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This is part of a book I am working on, I have decided to give a teaser to the book as it is a matter of contention currently. GBV has been used as a short form for gender-based violence. Enjoy.



More women than men are abused- fact. They are abused for being female. The image that has been painted in the society is that women are weak. Women are weak physically, biologically, mentally, spiritually, economically, politically, socially; just to mention some of the areas they have been portrayed as weak. Notions such as these only fuel the fire of abuse. To say that women are mistreated is an understatement.

It will seem like I have lost objectivity and have forgotten my cause, for equality. NO! The best method to look at equality from when looking at GBV (Gender-based violence) is to by first accept the situation as it is. In looking at GBV, women are abused so much that even feminism instincts are bound to arise in all of us.
A majority of the men conduct the violence without having the knowledge of what they are doing. By GBV, it is not only the battering of ladies, it could also be in the form of verbal abuse, defamation, libel, sexual harassment and many other “softer forms” [for the lack of a better term.]

Men tell themselves they cannot raise a hand to a woman. But, when the man is left alone with his woman, the story changes and he beats her up. The battering can very rarely be done in public or during daytime since people would aid the lady. This shows that such men are scared creatures since they fear people, and hence they are weak. Weakness is everywhere and it is most evident in those who try to show their courage. Ego is something every man has. It is the pride of having a good, obedient wife that men seek. They themselves do not submit so it beats logic how they expect to be given and don’t give. Man’s ego will lead him to feel threatened when not respected, they issue commands to their wives who are according to them their property. Women have been battered for less.

The case of stripping for the female is another case of GBV. Some dudes clad their trousers towards the periphery of their behind which is not considered as indecent but a lady putting on a dress exposing her cleavage, wearing mini-blouses or thigh-high slits is very indecent and can warrant her stripping. This is really sad. Sometimes it is not even up to them to put on such, but as a result of pleasing their bosses to get favoured or fair treatment, or due to peer pressure, or even due to the fact that this is our reality now and that is where the world is headed. We have no right as men to strip women; they have their right of clothing. They, the ones putting on the clothes, have a brain and decipher it to be right in their own thinking. Free will is a gifted granted to all of us, why deprive another human their right? Moreover, if some way of dressing by someone does not please you, you can tell them, better yet you can mind your business.



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