I wrote this poem two years ago so I decided to repost it here. Hope you enjoy it. I also appreciate all the support you showed me – I enjoyed my birthday on 5th of May. What a bizzare yet sweet and nostalgic occasion ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚โœŒ Much thanks to

Sweetest poet I know for making it memorable. Shukran.


Diving into books while also having fun,
You came looking for talent, who could run?
I was gifted from when I was very young
So you stopped me when I wanted to learn.

You put me to the test on your track,
You made me do all sorts of paperwork,
You promised me that I would never lack,
You told me I was chosen and it was not luck.

I took your word and went on your race
Soon enough I began to gain their pace
Gold I then undertook to chase,
my name was everywhere, so was my face.

The race was tough, I thought I made friends
And the life was sweet I forgot about fiends
Should’ve been careful not to run dead ends
And to look up where the high road bends.

Before the marathon you gave me โ€˜motivationโ€™,
A pill you said was some sort of immunization,
My friend gave me water with his โ€˜medicationโ€™,
I was just so anxious to represent my own nation.

The feds say I won from using stimuli pills,
I took a spiral fall when I got in your deals,
My many fines, bankruptcy, can’t pay bills,
From glory to ruin you don’t know how it feels.

@ Veteran

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27 thoughts on “WAS I DOPE OR DOPED?

      1. Doping is however a serious topic that is not given serious attention in all countries. Recently, a certain European country was discontinued from world competitions (Olympics, marathons etc) gor doping. Their answer is a clear picture that it was indeed a slap on the wrist.

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      2. You make a valid point. We need to take it a lot more seriously.

        Several athletes have been accused of doping and got light sanctions. Maria Sharapova and Tyson Gay still have careers somehow.

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      3. And in one story that I am shocked there have not been groundbreaking journalism and investigations, some coaches were duping their clients [this is in Africa.] Their clients are usually high school students who were not through with school and are purely from lowly backgrounds, the second being totally coincidental. So they get their water bottles spiked with performance enhancing pills without their knowledge or will. They get doped and get the raw deal…. Just imagine


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