No Space For Man In Space

Some time back, it was discovered that living in space is unhealthy. It is said that there are so many stars in the galaxy. A majority of them keep burning and blowing up in what we call a supernova. The stars little crystals drift all across the galaxy. The stars emit radioactive energy. People living in space reported seeing flashing lights even in sleep. It was then that it was discovered the danger of residing for long in space.

How did we come here? Probably when man started LOOKING UP for answers. For time in memorial, man has always trusted what he saw. The most amazing aspect to man was the sky. I will illustrate with a lot of examples:

-Early man was fascinated by the sun. He would draw it in his paintings. He also did everything under the sun. I guess that’s where the phrase comes from. This route is for those who believe in evolution of man.

-People from the age of Abraham worshipped the moon. People prayed looking up for they believed God lived up above. Some went as far as building a tower in Babel which they thought would reach God. Moreover Noah was told to look up at the rainbow, it was the sign that God would never destroy Earth with water. The best example is the assumption of Jesus into heaven. He is lifted into the clouds as his disciples watch. Even after he is gone, they are still looking. Recall Stephen the matyr’s dying words, he said them looking up and it was heaven he saw. So many prominent figures in the Bible which is the christian way have largely believed that heaven is up above.

-The moon has always been viewed by many communities in various ways. In some the moon was a deity and they went as far as naming a day after it, Monday. To others, it’s appearance signaled the start or end of a season- some books point to the use of the terms ‘many moons ago’ or ‘during the first moon of the rainy season’ (this used conventionally to state periods before the calendar came by.) Some believe that the moon is the best method to calculate the days and/or months in a year. In Islam, the moon dictates Ramadhan seasons; for Catholics, our calendar is dependant on the moon and for Chinese, the full moon is an indicator to a new year. Still others believe that the moon is related to rising sea tides or indicator to dry days. The moon has even been used by ladies to refer to the cycle of cramps.

-The concept of the sun is one that is not fully comprehensive to man. Man has tried to study this heavenly body to no avail. The study of astronomy usually has many conflicting theories and unproven facts. In our world, the sun has always been seen as something more than a burning star. We see it as a source of Vitamin D. We have said that its light is required for plants’ growth. We put our grains and wet clothes out in the sun for its heat. We work when the sun is up and sleep when its not. Those before us took the sun as a mighty deity, going as far as naming a day after it, Sunday. Cave paintings by early man point to his amazement by the sun for it is in many of them.

-Constellations – alignment of stars plus the positioning is marvelous to a lot of people. Sailors have always treated stars as a compass guiding them to their destination, so to have explorers. Tarot readers and seers would also tell you your future just by looking at stars. Horoscopes employ this methods too. Scientists believe that looking at the positioning of the stars is crucial in meteorology and studying the Earth. Even the Indians say that some days are inconspicuous depending with the sighting of some stars- meaning you can’t hold a wedding or celebrations on such days. All this we have determined from a burning ball of gas 😂😂.

-Shooting stars are just meteors entering Earths atmosphere before falling and becoming meteorites (or something like that) but we attach so much personal meaning to it. We tell our kids to make a wish when we see it, or assume it is magical to see it. The biggest reason we do so might be because it is up there and we are down here. Thinking about it, putting all our hopes in a burning rock, it is quite hilarious.

So what is the point of all these chatter about? Well, man has always looked above for the way forward. Ask anyone what they see in the future and they say we will be able to travel to space in very little time and return just as fast. That is a possibility in the near future. Some say we will have flying cars and that might also not be a far-fetched idea. The problem? With the rate at which man continues to pollute the environment moving to the skys may only do more damage. Here on the ground we emmit so many pollutants into the atmosphere. Many of this breakdown and somehow still find their way to the ozone layer. Now imagine the reduction in distance : pollutants will get to the ozone quicker and before breaking down to simple inert components. We would cause a mass global warming in less than three months. Imagine heat waves on a global level!

What is wrong with going to space? With man’s continuance refusal to stop pollution, we would dirtify space. Debri would shower our planets like something out of a fiction movie. Pollution aside, what is the importance of going to space? Researchers have pointed that Earth may not be survivable forever. Therefore, finding a planet with similar conditions to Earth that make it survivable is being searched for. As for living in space, some have foreseen expansion of human existence in space stations to massive space cities. But we keep asking the wrong questions. Instead of if we can survive in space or other galaxies, we should ask why. What steps have we taken to make Earth more survivable? Some people are indeed looking at going up as something biblical- the picture of Elijah on a fiery chariot, Babel’s collapse, Jesus ascension and Mary’s assumption to heaven are heavily imprinted on their minds. The solution for man should not be space, but Earth. After all, if we used the same amount of energy to make Earth more survivable- trying new things like marine life plus building cities like the fictional Atlantis- then, we may have a postponed death day.

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