Why You Should Stop Apologizing?

I’m sorry I couldn’t come up with a more appealing topic, lol. Wait, I’m sorry I’m not sorry? Wait, copyright-much? Oh shoot, I’m sorry. Am I though? Hold that thought. Isn’t that annoying. Who would ever have imagined that sorry would come to be one of the greatest cliches in the history of mankind. And […]

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Tears of the sand are hard to wipe, Green cannot with many trials swipe, You see these tears take forever to form, But drop instantly and begin to foam, They are burdened by feels, They eleven without system or skills. Tears of the sand boil over our heads, Our eyes ramble sadness and sheds, Sometimes […]


Cultural Evolution

Argument 1 Isn’t it amazing how man continously adopts new languages and assumes the new identity totally while losing touch with the previous one? The truth of the matter is we as human beings are unique, dynamic creatures. We are born tabula vasa (blank slate, if I remember my Latin, irony intended) and slowly absorb […]

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The Tale of The Splithair Girl

This is a true story.There’s this girl, for the sake of the story let’s call her Splithair girl, I bumped into recently. Well, to say bump is quite the exaggeration. I caught a glimpse of her backside as she was headed to the market. I had seen a side of her face before she passed […]

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-the love letter-

Hey dear, I noticed that you don’t have a shadow. Because you don’t have a dark side, lol. I love you and all your brightness- you are basically the smartest person I have ever met. You may not be light-skinned but you sure light up the room whenever you come by. You have this magical […]

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This is part of a book I am working on, I have decided to give a teaser to the book as it is a matter of contention currently. GBV has been used as a short form for gender-based violence. Enjoy. CHAPTER SEVEN GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE More women than men are abused- fact. They are abused for […]