Today’s poem was composed by Henry Mworia (Veteran) in 2015 while in High School. Laxity Shame on you,Laxity is your middle nameyou who has soft handssoft without blisterssoft without markingssoft like a baby’s bottoms.Shame on you!Shame on you,Laxity is your surnameyou who has a soft back,you think you are a snakeor a snail or a […]


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Dealing With Losses

If at first you don’t succeed, failure might be your style. I thought about losing weight once, but I’m a sore loser who hates losing. First, accept sadness. Realize that without losing, winning doesn’t feel so great. I hate when I lose things at work like my pens, papers, life, sanity and dreams. It’s a […]

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Circle of Life

Born:You are fresh of this earth,You have been immersed into water,Creature sprout of the dirt,Organism split into son or daughter,You are on a new life path,Blessing from the potter is the toddler.Growth:As you move up in life,you move to different phases,Shedding manners to become rife,Changing severally to many faces.You even face the knifebefore settling in […]

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By Henry Mworia (Veteran) 4th November, 2022 Arsenal, the top dogs in England in 2022 have had a nice finish to their group in the Europa League. This was after they edged competing rivals FC Zurich to clinch top spot in their group. The result of this is that they are promised not to meet […]


A Veteran’s Sendoff

As promised earlier, I will narrate to you the various mishappenings that befell me to the point of disappearing online and from WordPress for many months. Here is Part One to the story. Comment, like and share if you would like the Part Two…. Let me tell you Maina, the proof is always in the […]

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Love Your Neighbour, Love Your Enemy

Love your neighbour, love your enemy,Love the borrower, love borrowing,Love the actor, love the act,Love the job, respect the hustle.Love the neighbour, love the enemy,Enjoy the rumour, worship the gossip,Love the hit, pay the hitman,Love the music, love the lament.Love your neighbour, love the enemy,Love the clothes, buy your own,Love the borrower, borrow what you […]

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Attention, or Ate Your Tension

To be viewed by those eyes like wondrous visions of ecstasy,to be cherished by that whom you call your world,to live freely knowing that the one you find priceless is willing to get you everything -including the world,to capture the moments of joy as they flash past youbut not to worry since your soul has […]

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